ME.jpgThis Is me I am a girl who loves to be outside. I am a country girl I love camping, horse back riding, and just being outside in general. I LOVE the color orange!!!!.....I am a senior at New London High School and this is my 2nd semester of ceramics. I would like to continue making potery after i graduate but i dont think it is possible. I can not wait to graduate because this school is nothing but drama. i am going to tech after high school to go into the Nursing feild. I already have my CNA license. I recived it last summer, took 3 weeks of CNA school to get my CNA license. I want to help people and save lives. Later on down the road, after i get my LPN i want to go for RN maybe!!........I also love climbing rock, and my adventure class. i have been thinking about combiniing adventure and Nursing together to make up a career in my future.............any questions about me, guess you'll have to just ask me.